The Scotch Bonnet has proven, in third party regulated trials, to significantly reduce the evaporation loss, the Angel`s Share, from palletized spirit barrels.

The “Scotch Bonnet “ is our revolutionary patented innovation designed to curb the thirsts of the spirit Angels and increase the profits of distillers and drinks makers. It is taking the industry by storm!

The “ Bonnet “ is a simple, solidly constructed device which has taken time to hone and perfect due to the very nature of the distilling and maturation industry.

Now though, due to the Distilleries and Experts who have used the Bonnet, singing our praises, we think we’ve got it right.

The humble Bonnet has two important jobs. Firstly, it was designed, primarily, to cut down on the evaporation loss from palletised wooden barrels containing alcoholic spirit.

Secondly, and equally importantly, the spirit that remains in the barrels must not be altered in any way, be that by taste or structure.

From very small beginnings we were extremely fortunate to work with a major distiller who having helped in the tweaking of the Bonnet suggested setting up testing a batch of their spirit with direct comparisons with adjacent control barrels.

The results were extremely encouraging. Not only, on average, did the Bonnet save just under 50% of the Angels` Share, compared to the control barrels, the spirit went directly into blending, confirming that there was no change in taste or structure.

Since then, we have spread our wings and now the Bonnet is being hailed as “a remarkable break through in the war against the angels” by an industry expert. While others have suggested that it is “genius” and “a glaringly simple idea “ which “dramatically reduces spirit losses with no effect on taste or structure”.

Following on from this success the Bonnet has been installed in several prestigious Scotch whisky distilleries with more orders on the way!

As the Bonnet is truly a versatile and sustainable product, it has also been adopted in saving valuable spirit in distilleries worldwide. From Tequila in Mexico to rum in Fiji. Whisky in South Africa to Bourbon in the US.

If your Spirit is matured in wooded palletised barrels, it’s a fair bet the Bonnet can cut down on losses and add greatly to the distilleries bottom line profit.

Increase your yields… put a Bonnet on it!