The Scotch Bonnet has proven, in third party regulated trials, to significantly reduce the evaporation loss, the Angel`s Share, from palletized spirit barrels.

  • Tested in one of Scotland's most prestigious distilleries
  • Single Malt Spirit matured in American Standard Barrels
  • After 36 months the average saving from each tested barrel was 8kg
  • We have equated this to circa at least 17, 70cl bottlesĀ of 40% proof spirit
  • NO taste concerns and disgorged into blended product

The Bonnet is currently being used and tested in numerous established spirit producers nationally and internationally.

The Bonnet is made from natural, neutral, recyclable materials and is ethically sourced from managed forests and significantly reduces your carbon footprint.

The bonnet can be supplied to fit any size of cask and can be shipped worldwide.