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Scotch Bonnet Results

Trialling Scotch Bonnets in working distilleries across Scotland has seen excellent results under normal working conditions.

Scotch Bonnets have been fitted to casks and barrels that are palletised in a standard fashion and stored as per the normal process for each distillery.

We requested the distilleries sit 12 casks with Scotch Bonnets and 12 without Scotch Bonnets side by side during the normal storage times to ensure the conditions are exactly the same across the the terms of testing. On average, casks with the Scotch Bonnet fitted lose 8.881kg per cask LESS than the same cask without a Scotch Bonnet fitted.

Total Loss KG111.557.5
Average Litre loss per cask10.775.22
Difference vs. control0.00-5.55