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The Scotch Bonnet The Answer to your Angels share Prayers

Date added: Thu 05 Mar 2020


The Scotch Bonnet  - The Answer To Your Angels ‘Share Prayers

The Scotch Bonnet has been designed and manufactured to minimize the Angels ‘Share. The expensive loss that evaporates from spirit casks.

After 42 months of testing, within a distillery in Scotland, we are more than satisfied with the overall results.  Not only did the casks with the Scotch Bonnet on save an average of 5.5kg of spirit, the malt spirit produced was subsequently disgorged and used in blending, proving that there was no change in taste or quality.

The Scotch Bonnet is produced from 100% neutral, natural fibreboard.  Raw materials being sourced from sustainable managed forests. Strong, extremely durable and able to withstand the weights that it has to endure in palletized warehouse conditions, it does not eliminate evaporation, but significantly slows down the loss from inside the barrel, while having no effect on the taste.

Having been involved in the whisky industry for over 15 years, providing maturation bonds for numerous distillers, Ross Morrison director of Scotch Bonnet Ltd, had listened to various distillers complain about the loss of spirit from casks due to the Angels` Share. This had direct consequences on the distillers’ profitability so it was clear that something had to be done.  Along with the help of his long time friend, Ken Hooker, who is quite the expert in packaging, owning a forward thinking, innovative packaging design and manufacturing firm Proteus, they put ideas together and alas the Scotch Bonnet was born!

As the bonnet went to trial there was much hope and anticipation awaiting the results, as it was unclear, at that time, if the Bonnet would actually work.

In the end we needn’t have worried.  The results of the trials that concluded on 25th February 2019, and much to our delight, Ross and Ken could officially announce that the Scotch Bonnet had most certainly worked. Far more than they had even hoped for.

These results were produced in Scotland, which as we know, can tend to be rather cold and damp.  Assuming this is the case the we firmly believe that a warmer, sunnier and drier climate will show far greater savings with the results becoming apparent in a much shorter space of time.

The Scotch Bonnet is patented worldwide and is already taking up residence within spirit Distilleries in Scotland, North America, Taiwan and the Caribbean.  It has caused much talk and debate amongst experts in the industry, with none other than Charles Maclean giving the Scotch Bonnet his full support and recommendation.

This is an incredibly exciting time not only for the Scotch Bonnet, but the whole spirit industry as distilleries start putting this revolutionary product to use.  

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